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E-journal (Issue 3 - April-2017)

Chief Editor:Dr. Dhanraj Shete
Co-Editor:Prof. Anil G. Dodewar
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From the Editor's Desk

It is a matter of great pride and pleasure to announce the successful publication of the third volume in the month of April 2017, the result of which is truly an addition to the corpus of available writing and research work. The chief aim of introducing this e-journal is to give vent to the scholarly voices providing them a good platform for discussion on educational, social and cultural issues for the betterment of the society and the humanity at large. The scholars and academicians will hopefully receive this volume with a positive attitude and reciprocate with some concrete and constructive suggestions, if any, to make this ventures more qualitative and effective in future.

All the scholarly research papers in this journal are sincere attempts to provide its readers with deep insight and depth into the most crucial theme of the journal aimed at bringing reformation and up gradation in the present education system. Being an interdisciplinary journal, some papers have been added which are not confined to the theme. We would like to remain indebted to all the contributors for their scholarly contributions. At the same time, sincere efforts would also be taken to live up to the expectations of the academic world and be the integral part of it. We are fully convinced that the papers herein are of great value to the academicians, researchers, students and social reformers.  We therefore feel proud of having the honour to edit this volume.

Prof. Anil Dodewar
(Co-Editor, UPA Interdisciplinary E-Journal)
Dr. Dhanraj Shete
(Chief Editor, UPA Interdisciplinary e-journal)

Editorial Board

Dr. Devendra Bhongade Principal and Associate Professor in Library Science Jivanvikas Mahavidyalaya, Devgram, Distt. Nagpur
Dr. K.J. Sibi Assistant Professor in English Shivprasad Sadanand Jaiswal College, Arjuni Morgaon, Dist. Gondia
Dr. Yogesh Sarode Assistant Professor in English Jeevan Vikas Mahavidyalaya, Devgram, Dist. Nagpur.
Dr. Chandrashekhar Gitte Assistant Professor in Public Admin. Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nandanvan, Nagpur.
Dr. Sharad Meshram Assistant Professor in Marathi Shivprasad Sadanand Jaiswal College, Arjuni Morgaon, Dist. Gondia
Dr. Prashant Suryavanshi Assistant Professor in Marathi Purushottam Thote College of Social Work, Nagpur.
Ashish Deoorkar Assistant Professor Mungsaji Junior College of Arts and Science, Manikdoh, Dist. Yeotmal
Dr. Raju Shrirame Assistant Professor Jeevan Vikas Mahavidyalaya, Devgram, Dist. Nagpur.
Dr. Sawan Dharmapuriwar Assistant Professor in English Vidyasagar Kala Mahavidyalaya, Ramtek

UPA Interdisciplinary e-journal

Sr.No.Name of ContributorTitle of Research PapersDownload
1Dr. K. J. Sibi Shivprasad Sadanand Jaiswal College, Arjuni- Morgaon, Dist Gondia Teachers’ Role and Responsibility in Quality Upgrdation.
2Dr. Varsha Vaidya Taywade College, Koradi. Dist. Nagpur. A comparative study of the poems in Tagore’s Gitanjali and Contemporary English Poetry
3Ku.Jaya Bhimrao Wankhade Research Scholar, DLISC, RTMNU Nagpur
Dr. Devendra S. BhongadePrincipal, Jivan Vikas Mahavidyalaya, Devgram, Dist. Nagpur.
4Dr. Yogesh Sarode. JivanVikas Mahavidyalaya, Devgram, Dist. Nagpur. Global, Social and Spiritual Vision in the Novels of D. Surya Rao
5Dr. Raju G. Shrirame JivanVikasMahavidyalaya, Devgram, Dist. Nagpur Edible Oil Refinery Units & Oil Processing Industries with Employment Opportunities in Nagpur
6Prof. Aashish Deoorkar Mungsaji Junior College of Arts and Science, Manikdoh, Yavatmal. Pathetic Status of English among Rural and Tribal Students and some Maneuver to Ameliorate English Speaking
7Prof. Meenakshi Wasnik Manoharrao Kamdi Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur Quality Enhancement in Higher Education
8Prof. Parimal Dongre M.B.Patel Arts and Commerce College, Salekasa. A Critical Analysis of Selected Poems of Khalil Gibran in the Domain of Spiritual Intelligence
9Dr. Sawan Dharmapuriwar Vidyasagar Kala Mahavidyalaya, Khairi (Bijewada), Ramtek, Nagpur Swami Vivekananda’s Concept of Education for Betterment of the Society
10Dr. Vishnu Chavan Taywade College, Koradi, Dist. Nagpur. Teacher’s Role and Responsibility in Quality Upgradation
11Prof. Lalit Ujede Shri Dnyanesh Mahavidyalaya, Nawargaon NAAC’s Role as a Qualitative Measure for Upgrading Higher Education in India
12Prof. Anup V. Gumble Arts,Commerce & Science College, Arvi. Dist. Wardha Qualitative Measures for Upgrading Degree Education In India
13Dr. Sharad Meshram Shivprasad Sadanand Jaiswal College, Arjuni- Morgaon, Dist Gondia लोकनाट्य - एक दृष्टिक्षेप
14Dr. Mangesh Acharya JivanVikas Mahavidyalaya, Devgram, Dist. Nagpur विदर्भातील दारिद्र्य व दारिद्र्य निर्मूलन कार्यक्रमाची वास्तविक स्थिति : एक संक्षिप्त विश्लेषण (विशेषतः नागपुर जिल्ह्याचा संदर्भात)
15Prof. Pranaya M. Patil Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nandanwan, Nagpur उच्च शिक्षणाची गुणवत्ता वाढविण्यासाठी नॅकची महत्वपूर्ण भुमिका
16Prof. Pravin Gharpure JivanVikas Mahavidyalaya, Devgram, Dist. Nagpur उच्च शिक्षणाची गुणवत्ता वाढविण्यासाठी नॅकची महत्वपूर्ण भुमिका
17Manoj M. Zilpe संशोधक
Dr. Devendra S. Bhongadeप्राचार्य, Jeevan Vikas Mahavidyalaya, Thugaodev
गोंडवाना विद्यापीठातील महाविद्यालयीन ग्रंथालयांची उच्चं शिक्षणातील भुमिका
18Dr. Prasant Suryavanshi Purushottam Thote College of Social Work, Nagpur समाज जीवनावर पडलेला बौद्ध धर्माचा सामाजिक व सांस्कृतिक प्रभाव
19Ranjana Mahajan Mahatma Fule College, Paraswada, Tah.Tiroda, Dist.Gondia विनायक तुकाराम यांच्या चरित्रातील व्यक्तित्व दर्शन
20Prof. Anil G. Dodewar SSPM’s Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur. Projection of Women in the Novels of Chinua Achebe
21Dr. Dhanraj V. Shete Bar. Sheshrao Wankhede College of Arts & Commerce, Khaperkheda. Survival in Extremity in Kurt Vonnegut’s Mother Night
22Dr. Milind Namdeorao Bhilapwar JD Patil Sangaludkar Mahavidyalaya, Daryapur, Dist. Amravati ग्रामीण लोक जीवनातील शब्द, वाकप्रचार व लोककला, निसर्ग यातील संबंध
23Suchita M. Choudhary संबोधक, RTMNU Nagpur
Dr. Vijay Khandalग्रंथपाल, Datta Meghe Institute of Management Studies, Nagpur
विदर्भातील शिक्षण महाविद्यालयीन ग्रंथालयाचे संगणकीकरण
24Dr. Rashtrapal Ganvir Mahila Mahavidyalaya Nandanvan, Nagpur मानवी हक्क आणि बालक