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E-journal (Issue 6 - March - 2019)

Chief Editor:Prof. Anil G. Dodewar
Co-Editor:Dr. C. I. Gitte
Prof. Parag Bansole
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From the Editor's Desk

As all the well-wishers and contributors to UPA Online E-Journal are well aware of the fact that it is our practice to take up a burning or current issue and invite the scholarly articles from the academicians on it. We are very happy to share this fact that for this issue we have taken up the burning issue of Pension Scheme for Government Employees : Issues & Concerns. we hope the scholars and academicians will hopefully receive this volume with a positive attitude and reciprocate with some concrete and constructive suggestions, if any, to make this ventures more qualitative and effective in future.

All the scholarly research papers in the present issue based on the pension policies of the government and are absolutely confined to the theme. I am very sure that all the readers seeking restoration of old pension scheme will be benefited by these scholarly contributions on the theme. We would like to remain indebted to all the academicians and scholars who have contributed whole heartedly to this issue. Our special thanks are due to the members of Peer-Reviewed committee for editing all the papers in the stipulated time-frame. At the same time, sincere efforts would also be taken to live up to the expectations of the academic world. We are fully convinced that the papers herein are of great value to the academicians, researchers and especially to those who are seeking restoration of old pension scheme. We therefore feel proud of having the honour to edit this volume.

Prof. Anil Dodewar
(Co-Editor, UPA Interdisciplinary E-Journal)

Editorial Board

Dr. Anup Gumble
Dr. Subhash Girde
Dr. Arti Padole
Dr. Anant Rindhe
Prof. Gajanan Raut
Dr. Ramnik Lengure
Prof. Ishwar Wagh
Prof. Amol Mendhe

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