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E-journal (Issue 4 - February - 2018)

Chief Editor:Dr. Dhanraj Shete
Co-Editor:Prof. Anil G. Dodewar
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From the Editor's Desk

As all the well-wishers and contributors to UPA Online E-Journal are well aware of the fact that it is our practice to take up a burning or current issue and invite the scholarly articles from the academicians on it. We are very happy to share this fact that for this issue we have taken up the current issue of Revised Methods of Assessment and Accreditation for Colleges. we hope the scholars and academicians will hopefully receive this volume with a positive attitude and reciprocate with some concrete and constructive suggestions, if any, to make this ventures more qualitative and effective in future.

All the scholarly research papers in the present issue based on the new methods of assessment and accreditation by NAAC and are absolutely confined to the theme. I am very sure that all the readers seeking for assessment and accreditation by NAAC will be benefited by these scholarly contributions on the theme. We would like to remain indebted to all the academicians and scholars who have contributed whole heartedly to this issue. Our special thanks are due to REMAAC, BMV, Amgaon for the trust they have shown and contributed a lot to make this venture a grand success. We also express our sincere thanks to the members of Peer-Reviewed committee, Dr. K. J. Sibi, Dr. SawanDharmapuriwar, Dr. SharadMeshram, Dr. DevendraBhongade, Dr. YogeshSarode and Dr. ChandrashekharGitte for editing all the papers in the stipulated time-frame. At the same time, sincere efforts would also be taken to live up to the expectations of the academic world. We are fully convinced that the papers herein are of great value to the academicians, researchers and especially to those who are seeking assessment and accreditation with revised method. We therefore feel proud of having the honour to edit this volume.

Prof. Anil Dodewar
(Co-Editor, UPA Interdisciplinary E-Journal)
Dr. Dhanraj Shete
(Chief Editor, UPA Interdisciplinary e-journal)

Editorial Board

Dr. Devendra Bhongade Principal and Associate Professor in Library Science Jivanvikas Mahavidyalaya, Devgram, Distt. Nagpur
Dr. K.J. Sibi Assistant Professor in English Shivprasad Sadanand Jaiswal College, Arjuni Morgaon, Dist. Gondia
Dr. Chandrashekhar Gitte Assistant Professor in Public Admin. Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nandanvan, Nagpur.
Dr. Sharad Meshram Assistant Professor in Marathi Shivprasad Sadanand Jaiswal College, Arjuni Morgaon, Dist. Gondia
Dr. Sawan Dharmapuriwar Assistant Professor in English Vidyasagar Kala Mahavidyalaya, Ramtek
Dr. Yogesh Sarode Assistant Professor in English Jeevan Vikas Mahavidyalaya Devgram, Dist. Nagpur.
Dr. Prashant Suryavanshi Assistant Professor in Marathi Purushottam Thote College of Social Work, Nagpur.
Dr. Raju Shrirame Assistant Professor Jeevan Vikas Mahavidyalaya, Devgram, Dist. Nagpur.

UPA Interdisciplinary e-journal

Sr.No.Name of ContributorTitle of Research PapersDownload
1Dr. A. G. Pakhmode M. B. Patel College of Arts and Commerce Deori. Dist- Gondia
Dr. A.K. ZingareM. B. Patel College of Arts and Commerce, Deori. Dist- Gondia
Innovations in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
2Dr. Rakhee Mairal Renapurkar Badruka College PG Centre,Kachiguda, Hyderabad-27, Affiliated to Osmania University.
Dr. Sudhakar B. IngleR.S.Mundle, Dharampeeth Arts and Commerce College,Nagpur-10
Role of Information and Communication Technology in Teaching and Learning with Special Reference to select Colleges in Hyderabad
3Dr. Prashant M. Puranik Gurukul Arts, Commerce & Science College, Nanda,Tal:Korpana, Distt: Chandrapur (M.S.) Importance Of ICT in Teaching and Learning Process
4Dr.Markand Choure M.B.Patele College Sadak/Arjuni
Pro.Rita KhobragadeS.Chandra Grils College Sadak Arjuni
Role of Media Sports Development
5Prof. Anil G. Dodewar Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nandanvan,Nagpur ICT in Higher Education
6Dr. Rajeshkumar W. Soor R.D.College, Mulchera, Dist. Gadchiroli Indian Education System and NAAC
7Aarti N Wazalwar Dr. Ambedkar College, Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur, Maharashtra-440010 Innovative Practices adopted by Institutions for Quality Enhancement
8Mr. Jagdish K. Jangale Dr. L.D.Balkhande College of Arts & Comm Pauni, Distt. Bhandara The Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Teaching Learning Process
9Shri. Laxmikant Kapgate Shivprasad Sadanand Jaiswal College, Arjuni/Morgaon, Dist-Gondia Role of ICT in Teaching and Learning
10Dr. Ravi S.Dharpawar Chintamani Mahavidhyalaya, Ghugus Dist. Chandrapur Role of ICT in Teaching Learning
11Dr. Ashish Kumar Jha Hislop College, Nagpur- 440001 Building A Better Undergraduate Programme: A Degree Of Transition
12Prof. Arvind D. Borkar Santaji Mahavidyalay Asgaon (Chu.) Tah.Pauni. Dist. Bhandara. Cloud Computing For Libraries
13Dr.Shubhangi Dongre P.P.College of Education,Gondia Use of ICT in 21st Century Teacher Education Programme
14Dr. Ajay G. Murkute R.D. Arts &Commerce College, Alapalli, Dist. Gadchiroli Role of ICT in Teaching, Learning
15Prof. Ganesh P. Surjuse Chintamani Mahavidyalaya, Ghugus Dist. Chandrapur ICT Enhance The Interest in Teaching & Learnig Activities
16Dr. Shriram G. Gahane Adarsh Arts and Commerce College, Desaiganj (Wadsa), Dist- Gadchiroli Opportunities and Challenges in Light of Revised Accreditation Framework
17Dr S. S. Singru Shri Dnyanesh Mahavidyalaya, Nawargaon, Distt. Chandrapur The Role of ICT in Quality Education
18L.C.Ujede Shri Dnyanesh Mahavidyalaya, Nawargaon, Distt. Chandrapur Revised Assessment and Accreditation: Grab the Opportunities and Accept the Challenges
19Dr. Pravin M. Chandragiriwar Bhawabhuti Mahavidyalaya,Amgaon-441902 An Effective use of ICT for Education
20Mr. Anantkumar Deorao Gadre Suwalal Patni Art’s & Commerce College, Pulgaon Role of ICTs inteaching and learning
21Dr. Ku. Mrunali S. Lilhare Bhawabhuti Mahavidyalaya,Amgaon-441902 Importance of ICT in the Process of Teaching and Learning
22Mr.Ashish R. Katore Mitra chowk , Warora , Dist-Chandrapur Enlarging the English Department for NAAC
23Dr. Hitendra Dhote Adarsh Arts and Commerce College, Desaiganj (Wadsa), Dist- Gadchiroli Challenges in Facing NAAC through rewised Assessment and Accreditation Framework
24Prof. Sanjay G. Tawade Bhawabhuti Mahavidyalay, Amgaon – 441902 Application of ICT for Effective Teaching Learning of English Language in Under Graduate Classes
25Dr. Anita P Wanjari Arts & Comm. Degree College, Jawahar Nagar, Bhandara Use Of Ict Tools In English Language Teaching
26Dr. M. G. Awaley Bhawabhuti Mahavidyalay, Amgaon – 441902
Shri. J. G. NakadeBhawabhuti Mahavidyalay, Amgaon – 441902
Role of Student’s Participation in Quality Enhancement of Educational Institution
27Dr. Rajendra M Pise Jagat College, Goregaon Distt. Gondia Roll of Alumani
28Narendra L. Gadge Smt. Rajkamal Baburao Tidke Mahavidyalaya, Mouda Distt. Nagpur Support of Advanced Technology to Enhance the Quality of Research Work
29Dr. Kapil R Singhel Vasantrao Naik Government Institute of Arts and Social Sciences, Nagpur Skill Development, Effective Communication and Employability
30Dr. Vinita Virgandham Bhiwapur Mahavidyalaya, Bhiwapur Technological Advancements and Language Evolution: Emerging Trends
31Dr.Alok S.Dwivedi M.B. Patel College,Sadak-Arjuni Distt.Gondia
Dr. Abha A. TiwariS.S.Girls’College,Gondia
Quality Enhancement in Higher Education and Role of Teachers
32Prof. Nitin V. Gohad Yashwantrao Gudadhe Patil College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Hingna Road, Nagpur The Importance of ITC Tools in Teaching Learning Process
33Dr. Sharda I. Mahajan N.M.D. College, Gondia ICT Implementation and College Leadership in Teaching Learning Process
34Imaniyal S. Kondra Janata Mahavidyalaya, Chandrapur Role of Alumni in Institutional Quality Enhancement
35Dr.Vinod B.Ukey Adilok Mahila B.Ed.College, Goregaon ICT in Teaching and Learning : an Innovative Approaches in Improving Quality of Education
36Shri. Z.D. Patthe Bhawabhuti Mahavidyalaya, Amgaon - 441902
Shri. O. I. ThakurBhawabhuti Mahavidyalaya, Amgaon - 441902
Roll of ICT In Libraries at Present Scenario
37Dr Pandit B Nirmal Sant Tukaram College of Arts and Science, Basmat Road, Parbhani Role of ICT in English Language Teaching and Learning
38Dr. Sampada Naseri Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nandanvan,Nagpur Integration of ICT in Higher Education
39Mr.Santosh C.Gohokar Chintamani Mahavidyalaya, Ghugus Dist. Chandrapur Role of NAAC for Quality Enhancement in Teacher Education
40Dr. Tilak D. Bhandarkar P.P. College of Education. Gondia
Dr. D.M.Tidke P.P. College of Education. Gondia
Role Of ICT in Teaching- Learning
41Dr. Dhananjay R. Gabhane Samarth Mahavidyalaya Lakhani, Distt. Bhandara Innovative Approaches of Library in Institutional Quality Enhancement
42Dr. A. M. Deshpande Bhawabhuti Mahavidyalaya, Amgaon - 441902
Dr. M. G. AwaleyBhawabhuti Mahavidyalaya, Amgaon - 441902
Increased role of IQAC in light of revised accreditation framework
43डॉ. दिगाम्बर दत्तात्रय कापसे समर्थ महाविद्यालय, लाखनी, भंडारा शैक्षणिक संस्था गुणवत्ता वाढ माजी विद्यार्थ्यांची भुमिका
44प्रा। बंडू चौधरी समर्थ महाविद्यालय, लाखनी, भंडारा महाविद्यालयीन मुल्यांकनात सांस्कृतिक विभागाचे योगदान
45डॉ. निलिमा डिगाम्बर कापसे विदर्भ महाविद्यालय, लाखनी, भंडारा उच्च शिक्षण गुणवत्ता वधिस्तव महाविद्यालयीन उपक्रमांची भूमिका
46दिनेश पेटकर संतजी महाविद्यालय, नागपुर शिक्षण शिकण्यामधे (आत्मसात करने) माहिती संप्रेरणाची
47प्रा। राहुल सी. तागड़े डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर कला वाणिज्य व विज्ञानं महाविद्यालय, सुरतोली/लोहारा शिक्षण क्षेत्रात आयसीटीची अर्थ, उद्दिष्टे, व्याप्ती तथा महत्व
48प्रा। बालकृष्ण रामटेके समर्थ महाविद्यालय, लाखनी, भंडारा भारतातील उच्च शिक्षणाचे खाजगीकरण
49Mrs. Mugdha Ghotkar VMV Commerce, JMT Arts & JJP Science College, Nagpur Role of Smartphone in Implementing ICT based Learning in India
50Prof. Vijay S. Ganvir Arts Commerce Degree College, Petrol-Pump, Jawaharnagar Tah.Dist.Bhandara Role of ICT in Teaching, Learning
51Dr. B.Y. Kathane Bhawabhuti Mahavidyalaya,Amgaon-441902 Teaching and Learning with ICT
52Dr. D. S. Choudhary Dhote Bandhu Science College, Gondia Peer to Peer Learning
53Prof. R.K. Dhuware Dhote Bandhu Science College, Gondia Quality Enhancement though Use of ICT in Higher Education.
54Ku. Kamini Gangadharrao Madekar K.D. Pawar Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Saone
Mrs. Bhavika S. JainK.D. Pawar Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Saone
Role of Alumni In Institutional Quality Enhancement
55Dr. Sanjay B. Nagdeote Amolakchand Mahvidyalaya Yavatmal -445001
Dr. M. G. AwaleyBhawabhutiMahavidyalay, Amgaon – 441902
Role Of IQAC in the Up-Gradation of Quality Education in Higher Educational Institution
56Dr. Puri S. D. BhawabhutiMahavidyalaya, Amgaon. Dist. Gondia (MS) Use Of Ict Skills In Teaching-Learning Process By School Teachers From Amgaon Block, Maharashtra
57Dr. Sawan Giridhar Dharmpuriwar Vidyasagar Kala Mahavidyalaya Khairi, Ramtek, Dist- Nagpur The New A&A Framework for Institutional Accreditation: An Outline
58Dr. Rohidas Nitonde Shri. Shivaji College, Parbhani. Technology Enhanced Learning : A Case Study of NPTEL
59Dr. Dhanraj V. Shete Bar. Sheshrao Wankhede College of Arts & Commerce, Khaperkheda. FACING NAAC WITH REVISED ACCREDITATION FRAMEWORK
60Dr. Milind Namdeorao Bhipalwar JD Patil Sangludkar Mahavidyalaya, Daryapur, Dist. Amravati ग्रामीण साहित्य आणि लोकसाहित्य यांचा संबंध
61डॉ. अरविंद युगंधर व्ही. एम. व्ही कॉलेज, नागपूर भाषांतर आणि अनुवाद क्षेत्रातील संधी